Sunday, February 7, 2016

Paris under 12h

Two years ago (Yeah... I know, I'm late), I spent a few hours in the beautiful city of Paris.
When I say a few hours I mean about 11 hours in the city itself between my two flights.
I got to meet up with one of my good friend and have a quick visit of Paris.
I wanted to share with you some photos of my day along with what to do in less than 12h.

The eiffel tower is a must see and if you take the stairs or arrive early, there is not a long lineup.
The beautiful Eiffel Tower that my friends and I decided to walk up (yes, and not take the elevators...) which turned out to be a terrible idea since we are all afraid of heights...

We took a boat ride admiring the beautiful city, which was a lot of fun!
There is a boat company that takes you around the city and stop at the major attractions.

The Pont des Arts with the love locks.
Beautiful bridge, I recommend making a stop to see it!

We took a walk around the Louvre, we unfortunately didn't have time to visit it.
The Louvre is beautiful. Under 12h, it would be very hard to visit it.
However, the outside is definitely worth seeing!

Walking on L'Avenue des Champs Élysées we stopped at Ladurée for a sweet treat.
The renowned bakery is worth a quick stop (if you don't have time to stop by,
they have little Ladurée shops at the airport!).

We admired the Arc de Triomphe right before heading back towards the airport.
The beautiful Arc de Triomphe is not too far from a metro station and is worth the detour!

Even if it was a very short stay, it was amazing to visit the city.
I would absolutely love going back sometimes soon (hopefully for more than 11 hours)!
xx Charlie

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