Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I had forgotten the excitement of going to a concert! Yesterday, I was reminded of the amazing feeling of being in a crowd and seeing one of your favorite band perform. When you first hear about that the band/artist you like are going to perform in your local town, you get so excited and then when you buy the tickets, you can't stop listening to their music. When you receive by mail the tickets you get even more excited for the big day. The day finally comes and all you can think about is that amazing concert you are about to see in a few hours. When you get there and the first part appears on stage, you get so excited because you know that in less than an hour you will see the band/artist perform. Then comes the band/artist and the crowd goes crazy. In my opinion the most magical moment of the night is when the band/artist sing that one song everyone knows the lyrics so the whole crowd sings along with the band/artist. It gives me chills every time! There's also that one song you love the most and when they sing it you just get overwhelmed. Around the end, when the band leaves for their encore, the crowd goes nuts because everyone knows it's almost the end but no one wants the night to end. And when the dreading moment comes, and you know this is the last song so you get a little bit sad because in a few minutes it will be all over. Sometimes, if you're lucky, the first part(s) will come out to hang out and take pictures at the venue. Then, you finally come home, still pumped with the adrenaline, look at all your pictures and think you had the night of your life. The next day when you wake up you start getting your post concert depression because you no longer have that amazing concert you simply can't wait for. 
(Ed Sheeran 18.09.12 Montreal. My photo)
xxx Charlie