Wednesday, April 16, 2014

25 Facts about me

1. I'm the clumsiest person you could ever meet.
2. I'm pretty much ALWAYS laughing!
3. I don't get stressed easily, but when I do oh god...
4. For my 14th birthday, I convinced my mom, who by the way hates dogs, to buy me a dog.
5. I plan on going to Argentina with a friend next year.
6. One Tree Hill is my favorite tv show, and when I have nothing to do, I watch old episodes.
7. I've recently decided to stop eating any meat besides chicken.
8. The first time I took the plane I was 4 years old. I went to France with my parents.
9. I love swimming, if there's a lake, beach, pool I'm most likely in the water!
10. I absolutely love to cook! Especially pastries!
11. I spend way to much time on polyvore!
12. My favorite city in the world is probably New York. I fell in love the first time I went there.
13. My lucky number is 13!
14. I have a licence, but hate driving because I don't trust myself.
15. I love photography and I'd love to take some classes in College.
16. I once rode a camel in a desert! Best experience of my life!
17. On my way back from Spain, I missed two flights and three luggage from my group got lost.
18. Devil Wears Prada is my absolute favorite movie (typical, I know).
19. I have this not so secret crush on Austin Butler.
20. I'm addicted to tea!
21. I always have the weirdest dreams.
22. I drink Mate everyday and I blame one of my friends for it...
23. I once was able to sneak first row at an arena concert with crappy tickets (and it was Maroon 5).
24. The smallest things in life makes me happy.
25. I can never really stayed mad at my friends. Sometimes, I even apologize even if i didn't do anything wrong.
xxx Charlie

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