Monday, February 9, 2015

My Trip to Senegal

A year ago, I had the chance to spend a month in Senegal in the gorgeous city of Saint-Louis. 
It was by far the best experience of my life. I spent most of my time volunteering at a 
kindergarden and at a Talibe center. I met wonderful people that I will never forget. 
Not a day goes by that I don't think back to this amazing trip.
Hopefully I'll go back someday!

The gate to get to the beach from a restaurant near the city of Saint-Louis.
The beaches in Saint-Louis are not very clean, but if you go outside of the city, the beaches are beautiful! We spent a day at a hotel called "Oasis" it was around 3$ (CAD) to get there by taxi.

The Faidherbe Bridge in Saint-Louis.
This beautiful bridge connects the mainland to the more touristic part of the city (the island).

Djoudj, a National Bird Parc in the north of Senegal.
Djoudj is a must see in Senegal! The park is stunning and it is surreal to see so many birds!

The Lompoul beach.
This beach was breath taking! 

The most beautiful place I have ever seen: The Lompoul Desert.
The desert is so small you can see it all from the highest point. 
Going there is absolutely worth the 3h ride! It was my favourite activity!

And the most amazing experience: riding a camel in the desert.
It was unbelievable to ride a camel! 

Running down the dunes of the desert was lots of fun!

A view of the capital, Dakar.
I fell in love with Dakar! The city is gorgeous. This is the view from the observatory.

The sunset in Dakar.

Yoff beach in Dakar.
Beautiful beach in Dakar. There is a possibility of surfing.

Gorée Island when you arrive from Dakar.
Gorée Island is rich in history. The little island is very colourful! I highly recommend visiting it!

It was the most wonderful trip of my life and I hope I will one day be able to come back.
Ba Beneen Yoon 
(See you soon in Wolof, dialect in Senegal)
xx Charlie

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