Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Movies

Now that it's finally Christmas break, I finally have time to get to
my Christmas movie list. It's a list of movies (obviously about Christmas)
that I want to watch before the 25th. With only three days left, I have to
hurry up, if I want to finish them all in time! My list include some of my 
all time favorite and a new movie that I'll get the chance to discover.

On top of my list is Home Alone, which is one of my favorite movie!
The movie never fail to make me laugh!

Elf is hilarious! It's a must for the Holiday season.
Will Ferrell is doing a great job as Buddy the Elf.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas has always been one of 
my favorite movies around Christmas time!

Home Alone 2 is almost just as good as the first one!
If you haven't seen it yet, you are missing out.

Christmas With The Kranks is the one movie I always
end up watching. The story is very different to what we're used to see.

Love Actually, now that is my ABSOLUTE favorite Christmas movie!
Unlike most of these film. I watch it all year long! The movie never gets old.

I've never watched Christmas Vacation, but after someone recommended
it to me, I decided to add it to my list.

Every Christmas, my parents and I always watch The Polar Express all together.
It's such a wonderful story! I definitely recommend it!

After looking for one last movie to watch, I saw the trailer for this movie,
and it seems very interesting!

Have fun watching Christmas movies!
xxx Charlie

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